About us Roy and Mixing desk

RoyLSounds – my first name and middle initial and when said becomes Royal Sounds. We receive a lot of mail as Royal Sounds but it doesn’t seem to be as personal as Roy L Sounds. Anyway, along with my wife, Mary Ann, we are the owners – operators of this little outfit. We have been providing quality sound reinforcement as a business since 2001.

We specialize in youth rallies, retreats, camps, special church functions (indoors and outdoors), conferences and concerts. We provide music and PA support for fund raisers, dinners, neighborhood socials and walk-a-thons. We are experts in weddings and wedding receptions, private and corporate parties including planning and venue selection, working with committees, boards and other planners.

Contact us for details or if you have questions. We have systems that range in size from small rooms to large assembly halls (high school gyms as a reference). We provide microphones and for bands, we have stage monitors. Roy